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We are traveling to learn in communities across cultures!



As the leader of Creative projects and platforms, I am developing the ultimate study abroad trip for students ready for more in the STEM Ambassadors Clubs on the east coast.

We will take on a world view learning, discovery, and exploration of the GIVING H20 Project toward our lives and the lives, nature, and things we encounter. Get out of your comfort zone #letsgoeverywhere to educate, innovate, and initiate learn-n-play on God’s green creation SPARK STEM AMBASSADORS! Let’s Go! Costa Rica Live…

The study of Bio-Diversity, Culture, and Science beautiful studies around the world is an opportunity for students to gain an appreciation for life outside of their norms.
Pictured: Me and a giant plant provided by mother nature called the Gunnera insignis also known by the name “poor man’s umbrella” in Costa Rica. When in doubt during a rain storm in the rainforest use your handy dandy poor man’s umbrella.😁😄😂 #education #innovation #inspire #inventions #sparkstem #science #technology #engineering #mathematics #arts #stem #steam #innovate #educate #initiate #youngminds #students #teacher #travelandlearn #travelabroad #biodiversity #learning #motherearth #nature #culture #wondersoftheworld #gunnera #costarica #rainforest #letsgoeverywhere




Fun Learn-N-Play fundamentals in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. With events happening near you in Fall, Spring, and Summer months.

Huge Upcoming Event: SPARK S.T.E.A.M Halloween Spooktacular Party

Want the SPARK S.T.E.M Crew to visit your school with learn-n-play Robotics, Food Science & Art Laboratory, Careers Exploration, or the Mobile Tiny SPARK STEM Unit. Visit the programs page at! See you soon!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!


May 5th, observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. There are many exciting festivals to patronize across the city of Metro Atlanta. Enjoy a beautiful day out with family and friends celebrating a colorful and festive cultural holiday. Taco’s here we come!

Happy Women’s Month #BalanceForBetter

Happy Women’s Month! We are in full swing of the 2019 #BalancForBetter campaign promoted by International Women’s Day organizer on March 8th for the 2019 mission to foster women lives with balance for the betterment of their future.Me and Pam

Being that the National STEM Society is women-owned and operated by a group of multicultural leaders in their communities on a mission to support balancing the playing field for women and girls interest in STEM careers. Each day some of us go into our corporate jobs and experience oppression in a magnified gesture from leaders of a diverse group of people in STEM upward education, careers and fields. However, our group discussions have brought to my attention that some leaders in corporate America tend to only see diversity in personalities and not in the representation of cultural indifference. This is America color had never been blind. So, why are leaders in organizations trying to ignore the difference of the multicultural people? This is definitely a shocking scenario for sure.

Why is STEM so important?

STEM education opportunities are becoming more and more important to fulfill the need to increase the occupational needs in fields Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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How can we help? Professionals in the field of STEM or college students with at least 2-3 years of study in a STEM field would be useful for educating our youth K-12 to support teachers, community leaders, recreational centers and other nonprofit organizations with sharing knowledge in the interest and activity of STEM occupations and education.

On a mission

inspiration - hidden figuers movieOur Professional Women in STEM Network (PWS Network) is on a mission to build the largest database of professional women in STEM education, careers, and fields globally. At 800+ active members in global communities across cultures, we have learned “Why we are here?” Some call it our divine purpose to make a tremendous impact on lives of young girls and women who need the extra support during pursuit of a higher education ambition, diving into entrepreneurship, or becoming a change agent in STEM education, careers, and fields around the world.

Through PWS Network continued education and research we have determined, we are on the right track toward a full speed ahead approach toward building a 1 million Professional Women in STEM Network in 10 years, starting with the foundation of the intellectual property of a Data Scientist creation of a team of 75 professional women in STEM 4 years ago. Today the network is 800+ Professional Women in STEM we call teachers on a mission to teach, coach and mentor girls and women through our experiences and expertise to work, stay, learn, and play in the world of STEM education, careers and fields.

Become a member toward impacting the statistics of girls and women in STEM!

Photo Credit: Hidden Figures Movie

On a mission

International Women’s Day Teacher’s Appreciation & 2018 STEM Ambassadors Club Kickoff

We celebrate Teachers semi-annually, on International Women’s Day and International Girl’s Day, in honor of empowering Teachers who serve every day to make a tremendous positive impact to educate students knowledge banks to build good student citizens and future leaders in our communities across the nation.

Teacher’s are the extended parent, friend, coach, mentor, counselor and village in the world that spend as much time with students as parents to foster key principles of important indicators for students success, character building, forward progression, team building and upward bound higher education to meet the needs of a brighter future in the young minds of tomorrow.

Ms. Brenda Badura, Teacher, Centennial High School, Roswell, GA

Ms. Cheryl Carroll, Teacher, Centennial High School, Roswell, GA

Ms. Tonya Davis, Teacher, North Springs Charter High School, Sandy Springs, GA

Ms. Laura Romero, Teacher, North Springs Charter High School, Sandy Springs, GA


In remembrance of other impactful positive teachers before you, we the Professional Women in STEM Network governing body of the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM thank and honor you on this special day March 8, 2018 for women empowerment press for progress campaign around the world for your hard work, dedication, drive to serve students and many extended philanthropic hours of service at your local school for your local community.

Thank you for all you do.

Professional Women in STEM Network