Happy Women’s Month #BalanceForBetter

Happy Women’s Month! We are in full swing of the 2019 #BalancForBetter campaign promoted by International Women’s Day organizer on March 8th for the 2019 mission to foster women lives with balance for the betterment of their future.Me and Pam

Being that the National STEM Society is women-owned and operated by a group of multicultural leaders in their communities on a mission to support balancing the playing field for women and girls interest in STEM careers. Each day some of us go into our corporate jobs and experience oppression in a magnified gesture from leaders of a diverse group of people in STEM upward education, careers and fields. However, our group discussions have brought to my attention that some leaders in corporate America tend to only see diversity in personalities and not in the representation of cultural indifference. This is America color had never been blind. So, why are leaders in organizations trying to ignore the difference of the multicultural people? This is definitely a shocking scenario for sure.