SPARK STEM 365 – SUPER FLY (Future Leading Youth) Experience Exhibit focused on mental health awareness is aiming for a shoot for the stars release at the upcoming STEAM Showcase on Wednesday, March 11th from 8AM – 8PM to educate and enrich the lives of 2000+ students, parents and administrators from 11 schools in Metro Atlanta.


Let’s LOOK SUPER FLY 365! SPARK STEM CREW! Be there or be square! Don’t miss out!

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National Engineering Week Feb 16 – 22: Elevate our youth vision to SUPER FLY!


SUPER Future Leading Youth (FLY) Experience

Release of the SPARK STEM 365 – SUPER FLY (Future Leading Youth) program fun educational mobile community exhibit and after school program on Wed, March 11th at North Springs Charter High School in response schools elementary through high school purpose to elevate our youth critical thinking and social intelligence discovery & experiences through STEM educational discovery, exploratory, and research with the charity goal to maintain students interest in STEM education, careers and fields.

A STEM learn-n-play opportunity can be tailored for a SUPER FLY community or classroom experience!

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To register a $50.00 one-time initiation fee is required at the time of new member signup.

February 16th – 22nd

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