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Click on the Paypal Giving Fund image above to visit our page to support the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365 mission, goals and purpose to change the lives of one family, one student, and one community across cultures at a time 365 days a year with innovative STEM education and enrichment programming, tools, and resources.

SPARK STEM 365 needs your help to make a tremendous impact in communities across cultures in our nation. We strive to build a team of dedicated volunteers and working staff to impact the world of STEM education enrichment and research in areas of community, family and student exposure to AI, Robotics and STEM enrichment fun health and wellness initiatives to begin again in FALL 2020 with sponsoring partnerships in the area of mind – matter – movement activities for kids and adults alike.

SPARK STEM ENDGAME programming starts September 2020.

THE ENDGAME: MIND – MATTER – MOVEMENT: From D 1 to WE 1 Kingdom Leadership, Mission, and Purpose at the NEXT LEVEL by kids4kids 365. YAY! Your Athletic Youth!

Registration is open! For grades Pre-K to High School. Register Today!


SPARK STEM ENDGAME – a multi-sports operation ran by kids for kids with support from next level contributors from all walks of life after COVID-19 FALL 2020. We have built a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are eager to implement and support a proven impact program concept created by the National STEM Society to change kids, families, and communities “new normal” lives toward a healthier mindset and well-being to include positive reinforcements, proactive communications and continuous engagements and volunteer training.


All volunteers must complete a criminal background check, obtain CPR certification and participate in 40 hours of training in child and organizational safety and well-being of programming participants, themselves, and in the programs and services we offers.


The National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365 has a zero tolerance policy for child cruelty of any kind verbal, physical or virtual. We mandate a safety first environment for all participants, volunteers, and staff.

Thank you for your time, consideration to volunteer, and donation. If you have any questions please contact us or email the SPARK STEM CREW at sparkstem@nationalstemsociety.org for more information.


Nutrition & Wellness is extremely important to the leadership team of the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365. We value nutritional snacks and meals education and options by incorporating food science, nutrition and wellness packs as a top priority in all programming for kids, family and community knowledge growth in the area of biology, food science, health and wellness targeted for healthier families, eating habits, and future generations to come. Diabetes, hypertension and heart disease has saturated community across cultures. As a opportunity to reconcile in the communities we live we strive to build the #1 Nutrition and Wellness Mobile resource, tool-kits and health educational awareness for kids, families and in communities across cultures.