Did you know, there are real-life GI JOES?


Lt. Decocq (we call him De-CoCo) is not only a leader in his community but a fine impression of a real-life GI JOE soldier in his SWAT uniform. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of all the gear he was sporting and his playful attitude that he showed us and his team.

Lt. Decoco is SWAT Finest in Action!GIJOE 3

Lt. Decocq has a heart of gold. As we interviewed him he accepted all questions and shared his 24 years experience as a police officer, captain, lieutenant, and leader on SWAT. He mentioned he is one of many on his team who are state and nationally certified to handle various escalated situations with a calm and proactive verbal demeanor before ever considering de-escalating a situation by force.

As we continued our fascinating dialog with Lt. Decocq, he asked us all, “what do we think is the deadliest weapon on him?” Of course, looking at him in person with all his gear on while being caught up in the moment of his calm, charming, and playful demeanor – we all stated your guns. He immediately said: “No” and lifted his right-hand index finger to his mouth and said: “My mouth is my deadliest weapon on me“. At that point, I think we all melted like a bar of chocolate outside on a sunny day listening to him explain why his mouth is his deadliest weapon.

We were grateful to have met Lt. Decocq, Corporal Evelyn and there engaging team including Caption Clement, the local fire department personnel, andBorn2Serve 042520 2 UPS workers at the first Born2Serve First Responders Social Distancing BBQ to include the SPARK STEM 365The Cooler Mixer plant-based Fruity & Vege treats offered as a delicious way to serve the ones on the front lines, sidelines, and behind the lines in our communities 365 days a year that support keeping people safe in a country plagued by the Coronavirus mayhem around the nation.

WE SOLUTE YOU FIRST RESPONDERS! For all your hard work and dedication toward keeping America safe.

SPARK STEM 365 – The Cooler Mixer

SPARK STEM 365 The Cooler Mixer collide Science & Math to a learn-n-play experiment…


Are you interested in SPARK STEM 365 “The Cooler Mixer” to visit your school or recreational center after COVID-19 clears our atmosphere. Contact us by email sparkstem@nationalstociety.org to pre-schedule your fun learn-n-play exploratory experiment of tasty treats from mother earth finest 100% organic plant-based ingredients.

We will teach you how the SPARK STEM CREW uses science, mathematics and agricultural sustainability to produce 100% organic plant-based creative treats as a unique fundraising toolkit to manifest opportunities to serve in underserved communities across cultures where resources are limited! The Cooler Mixer strives to educate through food science on the awareness of healthy eating due to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

All we need is your school or recreational center name, address, contact person, # of students to serve, 2 proposed dates, and phone number to add you to our existing wait-list. We will contact you and put a Cooler Mixer toolkit together specific to your group location, size, and student’s age group. Our SPARK STEM CREW operates with a safety-first practice and fun learn-n-play educational principles.

To donate to this worthy nonprofit cause click here and select Cooler Mixer from the list.

See you soon!


Why Women of Color Are Missing in STEM?

girls of color in STEMAccording to a recent census report, only 24% of women in the workforce make their living in STEM careers.

That number is astounding. But if you’re looking for your jaw to hit the floor, stir racial demographics into the scenario.

When it comes to economic sustainability, STEM fields open the pathway. The more advanced degree is, the higher income it generates. So why are we relegating black and brown girls to lesser paying careers?

In 2012, white women earned 6,777 PhDs in STEM fields. On the other hand, white men earned 8,478 PhD degrees. For African American women, that number dwindles to 684—10 times fewer scientific doctorates than their white counterparts. With only 3.5% of STEM bachelor degrees, Latina women face an even larger obstacle.

STEM fields show an absence of women in color, which leaves us with two questions that need to be answered.

Why are black and brown girls underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math?
What can we do to bridge this inequity?
Why Women of Color Are Missing in STEM

The short answer: the problem starts in childhood. We need to encourage girls NOW so that they grow into smart, capable, and driven women who take their rightful place in the world of science, technology, engineering, and math.
The science of color: black and brown girls in STEM (to read full article) http://girlspursuingscience.com/black-and-brown-girls-in-stem/

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