The National STEM Society education and research institution SPARK S.T.E.MTMmission is to cultivate young minds of tomorrow and ignite the 21st-century social response to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics including the Arts in early childhood education through high school and university studies to impact statistics of girls and women in STEM education, careers, and fields. 

Visualization of tomorrows workforce and statistics prompt the questions, “How early do girls loss their interest in Math and Science?”, which is why the National STEM Society exists to evaluate, educate, research and impact the issue of low statistics of girls and women interest in STEM fields and university education.


To foster an inclusive approach to level the playing field through executing core values of integrity, education, equality, respect, and people focus in underserved communities with underrepresented youth to cultivate their interest in education, careers, and fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). To impact the national statistics of girl and women in STEM.

Mission to support leveling the playing field of girls and women interest in STEM education, careers, and fields.

Executive Committee Members

Patricia McDonald, President


Jesse Simmons, Board Financial Officer


Asya McDonald, Board Director of Creative Platforms


Tracy Hightower, Honorary Spirit of STEM


Tracy Hightower was a loving giving spirit and Sunday School Teacher who always encouraged adults and kids to have integrity in everything they do and say. Tracy often stated children are the future change agents in the evolving world of hate, social divide, oppression, and misrepresentation in underserved and underrepresented communities across cultures. Children can only see the good in you until you show them otherwise. We should educate togetherness for a common goal to better equip our youth ability to succeed on this earth in the one life we/they have to live with zero tolerance to child cruelty.
At age 32, Tracy passed away from heart complications and epilepsy. She was the true representation of the spirit of SPARK S.T.E.M through her faith, character, integrity, mentorship, and tutoring in many educational subject areas to include Math, Science, and King James Bible principles.

Ernest Hart, Board Director of Education (Sr. Consultant)


Katrina Davison, Board Director of Programming