The National STEM Society, Inc. is a STEM enrichment education, and research institution branded SPARK S.T.E.M365 on a mission to cultivate underserved young K-College minds in underrepresented communities across cultures to ignite the 21st-century social response to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics including the Arts in early childhood education through higher education studies to impact STEM education, careers, and fields.


We are on a Mission! To educate, initiate, and innovate young minds for tomorrow’s social responsibility toward education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics including the Arts statistics of underserved youth, girls, and women interested in STEM from university campus studies to career learning opportunities.SEAL


SPARK S.T.E.M™ 365 brand experience supports over 10,000 underserved students, families, teachers, and schools in various communities across cultures each year by providing school supplies and STEM enrichment activities in partnership with entrepreneurs, business leaders, engineers, and scientists in America for underserved students exposure to “next level of opportunities” in STEM careers, education, and research fields.

We promote STEM Days in business environments, community centers, and libraries during the annual National Engineering Week in February each year to service 1000+ students across Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

We distribute STEM backpacks for school-age students and teachers, Holiday Survival Food Reusable Bags with 100% plant-base food, fruits, and vegetables for at-risk youth, provide gift cards & gas cards for teachers in need, give insulated lunch/baby bags for young Mothers with limited support resources and much more with the Tiny SPARK STEMMobile Classroom.

OUR GOAL: To cultivate leveling the playing field for underrepresented youth, girls, and women interested in STEM higher education, careers, and fields.

OUR FOCUS: Our focus is on education, research initiation, financial literacy & planning, and health and wellness initiatives to bridge the gap in underrepresented communities across cultures to meet the need of the underserved.


Human Educational Services

Children, Youth, & Women Development

North America Communities Philanthropic Outreach

EIN: 81-4467816

Location: Alpharetta, GA

IRS & State Registered: 501©3 nonprofit charity

Georgia Charity License: CH014164

Executive Committee Members

Patricia McDonald, President & Founder, Philanthropist, and Advocate for Women in STEM                       


JP Simmons, Board Financial Officer and Teachers in STEAM Advocate


Asya McDonald, Board Director, Creative Marketing Platforms


Tracy Hightower, Honorary Spirit of SPARK STEM 365 

Tracy Hightower was a loving giving spirit and Sunday School Teacher who always encouraged adults and kids to have integrity in everything they do and say. Tracy often stated children are the future change agents in the evolving world of hate, social divide, oppression, and misrepresentation in underserved and underrepresented communities across cultures. Children can only see the good in you until you show them otherwise. We should educate and advocate togetherness for a common goal to better equip our youth talents and abilities to succeed on this earth in the one life we/they have to live with zero tolerance to child cruelty, abuse, and lack of educational resources.


Our brand is in the loving memory of an Educator born to teach God’s children.

At age 32, Tracy passed away from heart complications and epilepsy. She was the true representation of the spirit of SPARK S.T.E.M 365™ through her faith, character, integrity, mentorship, and STEM tutoring in many educational subject areas including Math, Science, and King James Bible principles.

Ernest Hart, Board Director, Education (Sr. Education Consultant)


Katrina Davison, Board Director, STEAM Programming


Shequita Miller, Board Member, New Connections 


Jordan McDonald, For Kids by Kids General Manager