The Equation Table (ET)

ET offers a tasty experience of educational food science discovery to promote clean eating toward a active, fit, and healthy community across cultures

The Equation Table a food science exploration, educational, and research mobile studio that promotes an active, fit, and healthy wellbeing lifestyle fun experience discovering delicious plant based food options for comforting the soul, nourishing the body and challenging the way generational eaters think about food, nutrition, and clean eating to live.

What we do?

Promote clean eating plant based food options as a SPARK STEM 365 food science experiment,exhibit,or mobile food studio.

Who we are?

A group of health conscious STEM education,careers and fields professional women focused on eat to live strategies for our families, friends, and students in communities across cultures where food poverty, food education, and awareness literacy is underrepresented.

Why eat to live? #stemology meets #foodology

Your DNA and blood type is very important to consider when planning what you eat to live everyday. your blood type can determine whether your body have an adverse effect to what you eat on a daily basis. Think about your traditional food options you grew up with and now think about the selection of food options you provide to yourself, your children, and families & friends at a casual occasion or event.

Are you happy with the food options you select for yourself, your family, and others? Of course you are becuase it taste good, looks good and feels good as it goes down your esophagus.

Ask yourself: Do you feel your very best? Do you look your very best? Do you have the best digestive system on a daily or weekly basis? If you answer NO to any of those questions it is time to think about you and the ones you care about longevity, health, and wellbeing today.

Or, do you have issues with a generational relationship with food that contributed to gaining weight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease? We can go on and on talking about the benefits of eating a clean meal at breakfast, lunch, snacktime and dinner. However, our team is here to encourage you to explore other options available to you for 40 days or more (It’s totally up to you!) to change your life, body, fit activities, and healthy wellbeing. Are you ready to get started?

Longevity is inherited from a active, fit, and health conscious lifestyle.

Is it worth it to you to treat yourself to a plant based solution for 40 days or more to combat prediabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease impact and results in your life?

Story Time!

The National STEM Society Founder and President discovered after her third pregnancy she had a rare blood disorder that caused her white blood cells not to absorb enough iron in her bloodstream and produced severely low levels of oxygen in her body for her organs to function properly for her everyday mobility as a mom, caregiver, community volunteer, recreational athlete, and STEM career professional.
In previous years, after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease then starting treatment for her symptoms. The doctors at the cancer center discovered the treatment options was life threatening and she decided to contact Emory Winship for a second option and research of the symptoms she experienced of severe fatigue, migraines, body aches, rapid weight loss and gain, the constant craving of ice and a dry tongue and eyes. Emory Winship completed several test over weeks in 2015 and discovered her rare blood disorder and the misdiagnosis of the former cancer center rare autoimmune disease. Emory Winship started infusion treatments immediately (same day) and she continued her treatments throughout COVID-19 in 2020.

After years of treatment, she visited a holistic doctor that told her about a book after he did test to determine her blood type and DNA analysis.

The book explained if you pay attention to your family tree and the generational relationships your family tree formed with food. You could determine the impact of your family tree generational relationship with food and exercise that may have a specific positive effect on the overall health, wellness, and wellbeing of ourselves and our love ones. The knowledge changed how she view her entire family tree over past generations of research and in turn ignited a new outlook at food, health & wellness, and an active lifestyle for herself. She learned we all can learn from experiences of others or our own family tree past history of good or bad health and wellness practices compared to the family tree generational relationships with food and a active lifestyle contribution to diseases in ourself or in our family tree related to obesity, gestational diabetes (during pregnancy), prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or heart disease. We can do better when we know better. Education, reprogramming our mindset, and home economics are key!

After reading the book, she started an experiment of building a new refined relationship with food to break the chains of a generational curse started by her elders diabetes and/or hypertension multigenerational diseases. Her rare blood disorder, severely low iron results and low oxygen levels have improved tremendously with a all natural plant based lifestyle but unfortunately her severe condition still exist today. However, she stays positive, focused on a healthy lifestyle, and has the energy to workout, walk to work, visit the library frequently, participant in softball and tennis year round activities because she adopted a high plant based protein relationship with food, life, mind and body health and wellness initiatives during COVID-19. She shares her experience with a different food science experiments, exhibits and mobile studios/labs to challenge our taste buds and educational experience with the SPARK STEM Crew creations of healthy 100% all natural plant based treats, kid friendly cooking classes and family fun kits for at home economics.

How can I book a Taste Equation Experience from The Equation Table?

Complete the contact form or email us your name, phone number, brief summer of event and number of expected participants at for more information. Please note, bookings are scheduled 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the date of your event to initiate the planning phase for executing an Equation Table near you, in your school or at a community event.