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Chemistry, math, home economics tools, and innovative experiments is what food science is about!

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Spring Workshops Starts Soon!

Register for your chance to learn the basics of cooking essentials, knife safety skills, and home economics in a cozy Food Science Laboratory.

Outdoor Cooler Mixer Kickoff

Beginning in February 2022 the Cooler Mixer will kickoff 23 workshops with featured products from different vendors and partners of the National STEM Society, Inc.

What is the Cooler Mixer?

The Cooler Mixer was created as a fundraising activity initiated by the National STEM Society Inc. in 2017 to provide a fun, enjoyable, and educational workshop while learning food science principles and basics of cooking, home economics, and kitchen tools, materials, and supplies utilization. The Cooler Mixer is a one-stop mobile activity food lab with ingredients to create a tasty treat prepared by a Personal Chef and participants in teams of 2-4 students.

Featured vendor products: Vitamix Blenders, Yeti vs. Igloo coolers/mugs, Georgia Grown Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, and Sam’s Club all-natural refreshing and fresh juices.

The Cooler Mixer was a big hit at Milton High School for this 2021 Fall Football season to support the nutritional needs of the Varsity Football Team. Add a Cooler Mixer for 10 or more to your school or community indoor or outdoor festivities! Click here to book the Cooler Mixer Today!


Every month we will discover and research innovative tools to support our exploration of Food Science, kitchen essentials, & cooking with Chef Trisha Mac and staff.

For October, November, and December 2021 our team has selected the awesome Vitamix series of the best blenders on the planet. Our staff is obsessed with inventing new concoctions every day from soups, dips, sauces, frozen desserts like Italian ice, and a variety of healthy smoothies with our in-house collection of Vitamix a3500 machines. We could not have picked a better tool to explore this holiday season.

Home Economics

What lessons have your learned from the many home economics classes you have taken at home or in high school?

Kitchen Essentials 101: Cook what tastes good to you, have fun, and enjoy.

  • Cook to eat, live, and enjoy.
  • Chemistry is apart of all cooking.
  • Where’s the butter? Burn lesson 1.
  • Where’s the stove? Start on low heat.
  • Measure and measure again before baking. Then preheat.
  • Have fun, laugh again and again!

We Encourage Kids Cooking

Our cooking lessons promote home economics at home, school, and in communities across cultures where many kids are key participants in supporting hard-working or disabled parents preparing meals for their siblings or family. We encourage healthy choices with the incorporation of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats as a delicious alternative to traditional southern soul food cooking where fresh produce maybe be limited or not locally available.

Our team will deliver, prepare a cooking lesson plan, and/or cook onsite fresh produce for many families and children in need of healthy fresh ingredients to meet the minimum requirements of a healthy diet, wellness, and well-being of all underserved. We offer these services monthly in a community near you. Contact us at with your detailed request. Please provide your community name, name of contact person, phone number, and email address.

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