What is a SPARK STEM™ 365 Hackathon? An educational showcase of science, technology, engineering and mathematics opportunity the National STEM Society and the Professional Women in STEM Network developed for student’s grades 6th through 12th.

Students or Teachers register a team of 6 minimum with supporting teachers to showcase their skills and ability to work in a collaborative team environment with their school-sponsored teacher to compete against the brightest minds within the same pool of grades.

The student will have the opportunity to win awards, funding for college, and highlight their school exemplary learn-n-play innovation of STEM education processes and best practices to solve an existing community problem or create a useful educational game, tutorial, tool, app or resource new or improved to educate other students in a learn-n-play concept of STEM.

The winning team’s school will each receive an EII Trophy to represent the school ability to educate, initiate and innovate young minds of tomorrow and up to $1000 Tiny SPARK™ Grant to use toward there continued STEM education and research tools and resources or need for an in-school STEM afterschool program or club.

Strict rules and guidelines apply to maintain and foster innovative creativity, integrity, fairness, and velocity for all creative inventions in the Hackathon. All teams must submit a plan of action 1-page narrative, illustrated prototype, analysis of test results and create a 2-3 minute video to describe their GO LIVE prototype by the specified deadline to develop and deploy the GO LIVE prototype in 12-48 hours at an exclusive location.