The National STEM Society is run 80% by volunteer and partnership support systems. What makes our operations unique is the time dedicated by our strong volunteer pool of students, parents, community leaders, partners, and professional women in STEM careers who see the value of our existence in communities across cultures.

Together we are investing in the future!

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Sponsors, Partners, and Volunteers Wanted

Since 2015, we have impacted the lives of 23,000 students, 1800 families, and 126 communities across cultures with SPARK STEM 365 educational mobile laboratories and research initiatives in North America.

We need your help to continue the investment in communities across cultures in underrepresented schools for underserved students and families and continue educational initiatives in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics careers and fields in North America.

Investing in the future is investing in our youth K-College introduction to STEM careers exploration.

How can you help!

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Upcoming Event(s):

Event Name: 2023 Career City for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Date(s): Friday, February 24, 2023, and Saturday, February 25, 2023

Location: National STEM Society, Inc. Training Center, Orlando, FL

Note: Additional details will be provided in November 2023 to all participating vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and participating schools.



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2023 Career City – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day