Welcome to by Kids For Kids 365

We invite you to join us as we explore programming brought to you by kids and for kids to promote a active, fit, and fun lifestyle in communities across cultures.


Meet the Leadership Team

Jordan McDonald, General Manager of by Kids For Kids 356 Programming at the National STEM Society, Inc.

We strive to deliver a belonging program in underserved communities across cultures with underrepresented youth ages 4 -17 to share a active, fit, and wellbeing program meant to enlighten the internal spirit of our youth. Join me and my team in developing a program only God can bless to be marvelous in the life of a monarch walking the earth. He has plans for us to uplift higher than ever and prosper us for greater things today, tomorrow and in our future.

Let’s create a game changing attitude, presence, and character toward our own wellbeing. I’m ready if you are! See you soon in a community near you.

Our Structure

We are organized to succeed in the by Kids For Kids 365 programming we offer. We offer Flag Football, Basketball, and Track as our core programs.

In the Summer of 2021, we will launch a pilot conditioning program to prepare all participants, volunteers and managers for the Fall season. The Conditioning camp will operate for 4 weeks.

CONDITIONING CAMP (FBAs) Focus Building Areas: Stronger Mind | Stronger Heart | Stronger Wellbeing

Stronger Mind: Our mind is our most powerful muscle to push us where we have never been before. Let’s focus on the end game to deliver success.

Stronger Heart: Our heart health is very important with the nutrition we feed it and how we feel about our everyday activities. Let’s focus on a healthy heart.

Stronger Wellbeing: Our wellbeing will determine how well we perform on the field for ourselves, our team, and others. Let’s focus on being the best 365.


Registration is open. If you have any questions, email us at kidsforkids365@nationalstemsociety.org or click here for more information.


By Kids For Kids 365 cannot do what we do in underserved communities across cultures without a dedicated team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for more information email us or click here to open and complete the volunteer form. All volunteers and staff must complete a mandatory criminal background check. When completed we will contact you for volunteer orientation by email or phone.

Note: Anyone with violent crimes, domestic violence, sexual offense, or child abuse/neglect on their criminal record cannot volunteer for any program offered by the National STEM Society, Inc. nonprofit organization, By Kids For Kids 356, or the SPARK STEM 365 brand.



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Kids For Kids 365 Conditioning Camp (4 weeks)

WE DID THAT! As Lil’ thinkers… Is our motto and vision for the Kids For Kids 365 programs. Email: kidsforkids@nationalstemsociety.org

By Kids For Kids 365 are challenging future young leaders to represent in communities across cultures ages 4 – 17 in Fall, Spring, and Summer months. Find us in a community or school near you where Lil’ thinkers are welcome to be their authentic self while learning to adopt kingdom characteristics, learn leadership skills, fit literacy, a sense of ownership and responsibility for their wellbeing and growth, value the importance of teamwork, and thrive like the spiritual entrepreneurs we were born to be.


For more information or questions contact us by email or leave a message at 470-250-0449 for one of the leaders of Kids For Kids 365 to reach out to you with in 72 hours. Please provide name, phone no., and brief detailed message. Thank you