MRNS: Multicultural Resource Network Solutions

A small business multicultural resource network solution growing to impact lives with positive changes in communities across cultures. We are passionate about what we do and don’t rest until we produce something extraordinary for our clients and partners.

People | Integrity | Equality Education | Inclusion | Togetherness

MRNS a Multicultural Resource Network Solutions established as a grassroots community outreach initiative in May 2020 to answer the call of small business owners with impactful affordable small business solutions, IT support services, and consulting solutions as a driver to manifest a people first approach to small business owners, equality education, inclusion initiatives, and togetherness in communities across cultures to primarily support small businesses ability to weather the pressures and challenges of COVID-19 impact on their small business, people, and community.

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Need consultation on your small business startup or next steps. Make an appointment with a MRNS Small Business Coach.

Email us at or complete the contact us form for the help you deserve for your small business, staff, education, training, or community partnership.

  • MRNS Consultation Email Communication Requirements: Note: Missing Information will not be accepted for the initial free 30 minute consultation session. (All scheduled appointments are 30 minutes of free consultation. Next steps are billable at $25 per hour with a discounted $200 initiation startup fee (Regular Initiation Startup Cost is $1000 per project initiation to close cycle of 90 days). We will guide the entire 90 cycle processes from beginning initiation to an ending closed solution. Success factors is measured on a togetherness metrics toward accomplishing your end goals for your small business initiative.
  • C3 Metrics: Communication and hard work drives a sustainable outcome. Compromise and actions drives progress. Community and Teamwork + Actions deliveries winning results. What we need from you via email or contact form?
    • Business Name:
    • Business Address:
    • Contact Person Name:
    • Contact Person Phone#:
    • Contact Person Email Address:
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    • Best Time to Talk: (Provide 3 options and time zone location)
    • Email Subject Line Entry: MRNS we or I need your help: (Business Name and Phone Number)
    • Finally, type a brief descriptive message with less than 200 words in the body of the email for the next staff initial review meeting hosted every 30 days. We will contact you within the 30 days review cycle to schedule your initial free 30 minute consultation session. We look forward to helping you achieve your small business needs. Additional contract paperwork to follow after initial free 30 minute consultation session.

Small Business Solutions

  • Small Business Training & Docs
    • Pre/Plan/Post 3C Solutions
    • 3C Affordable Budgeting Tools
    • Technical Training or Guides
    • Next Steps into Actions Items
    • Project Management & Soft Information Systems
      • Initiation & Kickoff
      • Planning & Schedule
      • Execution & Monitor
      • Control & Track Progress
      • Close, Signoff, & Deliver Go-Live Solution
  • Affordable Technical Support
    • Website Development
    • Website Maintenance
    • Data or Database Management
    • Database Development
    • Information Technology Consultation (to include Six Sigma Best Practices)
    • Vendor Partnership Services, Setup, or Maintenance (Microsoft, Google, etc.)
  • Marketing Support Services
    • Digital Marketing Plan
    • Digital Footprint Mapping
    • Digital Content Creation
    • Content Management
    • Social Media Deployment
    • Social Media Maintenance
    • Social Media Management

NOTE: All project programming, services or solutions and fees or donations associated are collected and managed by the National STEM Society, Inc. operations team. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at with your inquiry.