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The National STEM Society brand experience SPARK STEM 365 is a mission organized by Women in STEM (WISe) who emerged together for the purpose to level the playing field for underrepresented youth, girls, and women intentional interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics education, careers, and fields.  

As WISe leaders and STEM advocates we continue to emerge together in communities across cultures providing the necessary  access to career-building enrichment for K-College students with educational resources, career exploration labs, and professional networking tools and kits.boys-girls_orig

Professional Women in STEM emerged to ignite the spirit of building dreams and brighter futures through higher education tools and resources introducing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics fun learn and play principles to engage positive experiences for underrepresented youth, girls, and women with a mission to support career development laboratories to help students create reachable goals and workable solutions in there lives for today and tomorrow.

The knowledge students gain in SPARK STEM 365 enrichment programming has proven a continued interest among our youth and their families to build life skills, grow personal economics, and continue knowledge-sharing of their experiences as a ray of hope for others in their lives, families, and local community.

Let’s get to work in the lives of future K-College leaders in underserved communities and schools! Click here to join other STEM Ambassadors ready for the next level of STEM education and enrichment programming.

We educate, initiate, and innovate young minds of tomorrow!

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National statistics have shown less than 23% of girls and women maintain a continued interest in achieving STEM higher education or careers due to a lack of educational enrichment resources, tools, and support after 5th grade. In communities across cultures, the statistic is even lower at 8% for Black, Hispanics and Latin communities.

Our staff and volunteers strive to impact lives at every SPARK STEM 365 program toward inspiring K-College students in underserved communities across cultures in North America: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, California and Canada. We respond to the need for more STEM educational enrichment activities, resources, and tools in underserved communities and schools.  We have grown a support system of STEM industry companies, leaders, and professionals willing to help a mission ignited by the National STEM Society to make a positive game-changing experience for underrepresented youth, girls and women interested in STEM education, careers, and fields across the globe.

The National STEM Society Inc is a 501©3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID 81-4467816


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To all our sponsors thank you for your support and generosity!

We drive fantastic opportunities and access to the best possible STEM learning technologies with access to STEM industry resources, professionals, and coaches.





If you want your child to get the best education possible, it is actually more important to get him or her assigned to a great teacher than a great school.

Bill Gates


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SPARK STEM 365 empower future leaders in STEM!

We ignite the spirit of STEAM education enrichment at every SPARK STEM Day Experience or in-school exhibits offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer months

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As a member, each student can join a STEM Ambassadors Club, fill out forms for a Tiny SPARK Grant to start a new STEM or STEAM club, or participate in well-being enrichment solutions through SPARK STEM Endgame programming partnerships.

STEM Ambassador Clubs offer life skills development, confidence building, leadership training and STEM projects to engage the minds of K-College in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics focus areas offered by trained educators and professionals in STEM careers and education fields.

SPARK STEM Endgame partnership toward positive community enrichment with the NFL PLAY60 organization and other contributors to promote healthy well-beings and lifestyles helps bridge the gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics programming fun, learning, and playing discovery and exploration framework. 

We cannot do what we do without your time and support. Thank you volunteers!

Volunteer with us to foster hope in underserved communities and schools by volunteering in a community network system of 900+ Professional Women in STEM in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Texas, California, and Canada toward a mission to offer K-College students fun, learn, and play STEM enriched educational activities, tools and resources.

We promote and mobilize higher education best practices and learning principles for underrepresented youth, families, and underserved schools in their community with a network of game changing STEM professionals.

To learn more about volunteering click on the volunteer button above.

Are you ready to become a sponsor of a SPARK STEM Day in a underserved community. We current;y have opportunities available even during COVID-19 pandemic due to many school districts are converting to 100% digital learning. Many underserved communities need assistance, training, tutoring stations for k-12 students and school supplies to support at home learning guidelines and restrictions.

We have resources mobilized to help throughout Metro Atlanta as a SPARK STEM Training and Tutoring station for parents, children, and families. Please fill out the sponsorship form to to us help others in this devastating time of need during the pandemic.

Thank you to our local in-kind contributors, sponsors and partners. Your time, in-kind generosity, and financial contributions toward STEM education and enrichment is making a greater impact in 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in the lives of families and children we serve.

Please fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form and we will get back to you within three business days. If you have any questions outside of our followup time mentioned above, please email for assistance.

Partnership with the SPARK STEM CREW inspires and empowers STEM educational enrichment movement, activities, events, or exhibits in communities across cultures to impact the lives of underrepresented children, families, and schools with lack of STEM resources.

Click the Partnership button above to connect with us or to gift your time, sustainable resources, or in-kind contribution.

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