How We Serve

We are here to serve you every season of the year!

The National STEM Society™ is a national 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving student’s curiosity in STEM education and careers. We answered our community needs with the creation of SPARK S.T.E.M™ 365 brand experience to execute STEM enrichment learn-n-play™ educational philosophy.

The SPARK STEM Crew™ drives results from our innovative Tiny Sparks™ Mobile R & D Classroom, learn-n-play™ programs, young entrepreneur builder kit, and (K-College™) on-campus to career workshops.Ciena Stem Spark-32

We offer support for exceptional enrichment educational STEM programming in the classrooms promoted by students and teachers at schools, in recreation centers, community centers, and libraries. SPARK S.T.E.M™ 365 is a key contributor in K-College education to career advocacy with community leaders, teachers, parents, and families.

SPARK S.T.E.M™ 365