The National STEM Society, Inc. is a STEM enrichment education, and research institution branded SPARK S.T.E.M™ 365 on a mission to cultivate underserved young K-College minds in underrepresented communities across cultures to ignite the 21st-century social response to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics including the Arts in early childhood education through higher education studies to impact STEM education, careers, and fields.


We are on a Mission! To educate, initiate, and innovate young minds for tomorrow’s social response toward Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics including the Arts statistics of underserved youth, girls, and women interest in STEM from early childhood education through university campus to career learning and opportunities.

SPARK STEM 365 brand programming are free or offered to students and classrooms at a very low cost and are made possible through the generosity of our vendors, sponsors, and partners. Your support allows the National STEM Society to deliver programming to support STEM careers and fields exploration and research projects throughout North American to celebrate Professional Women, Mentors and Coaches in STEM careers and fields.

We invest in the future of STEM education, careers, and fields in underrepresented schools and communities across cultures.


STEM Eduation | STEM Research | K-College Careers Exploration | Innovation

Kids & Families Nutrition & Wellness | Small Business Solutions

32 Schools

23,000 Students

80 Partnerships

8,000 Professional Women in STEM united as game changers!

Hundreds of communities across cultures impact through STEM education and research experiences and outcomes annually with underserved students, families, educators, schools, libraries, recreation centers, and volunteers to spread the investment and importance of fun STEM careers exploration, education, and research to make a tremendous impact in the world of STEM careers and fields.

We thrive in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in STEM careers and fields as a group pf Professional Women in STEM (PWS).

Why invest in STEM Education and Research?

STEM Research has proven by 2030 the demand for STEM careers education, innovation, and research will overwhelm supply and demand call for industry open roles in STEM innovation, evolutoin and continued education.

Our purpose is to support the demand for Professional Women in STEM higher education issues & injustices causes, coaching or mentorships, and knowlegde-sharing from professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Children are the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics evolution and innovation!

We invest in the furure of STEM careers and fields!