WISe programming in Communities across Cultures

women in stem emerge to support the under-served during COVID-19.

We strive to do what is right for all under GOD for all communities where expressions of love should intentional by humankind.

Patricia McDonald, WISe Advocate, Philanthropist National STEM Society, Founder & President


We are mothers, students, and education advocates who believe in community love, a sense of one community, and cultural experiences that influence diversity and equality for all.

WOMEN IN STEM emerged (WISe) ignited due to the lack of educational enrichment activities in underserved communities during COVID-19 where families, parents, and kids expressed the need for support, services, and resources due to layoffs and furlows in a country devastated by the pandemic.

WISe programming strategic goal is to give generously with educational tools, skills, and resources offered by Professional Women in STEAM careers and fields interested in giving their time, love, respect, and generosity to local underserved and underrepresented communities in need.


After WISe programming successful user acceptance testing in the city of Atlanta underserved communities in May & June 2020. The WISe team organized there next course of action to emerge what we do at home with our own kids into communities across cultures that needed an expression of love from people who care with the inclusion of safety first COVID-19 best practices outlined by the CDC, friendly fun learn & play STEAM activities brought to kids in underserved communities across the cultural divide as a positive solution.

Our love and support for the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement motivated us all to promote love for community and culture throughout Metro Atlanta. As parents, we will settle for nothing less for our children, our families, and for our neighboring underserved communities across cultures.

WHat’s NEXT for WISE?

WISe programming fun, learn and play STEAM laboratories are hitting the streets of Metro Atlanta most underserved communities.

Our goal is to promote STEAM enrichment activities and a philosophy of love for community, culture, and equality for underrepresented families, parents, and students K-College with the support of professional women in STEAM higher education studies, careers, and fields.

The National STEM Society provides opportunities for girls like me and women to enrich our lives with STEM education and careers experiences. I am proud to become a STEM Ambassador. I look forward to sharing what I have learned from the SPARK STEM career coaches and WISe networking events to encourage girls like me to fight for equality for women in STEM fields.

Kayla Johnson

let’s make a difference in underserved communities for girls & women interested in STEM enrichment, education, and careers.