SPARK S.T.E.M™ Workshops offered monthly and quarterly to schools, recreation centers, and libraries to cultivate student’s interest in STEM education and research in the student’s community through a discovery panel of Professional Women in STEM™ (PWS) fields or “Trash to Treasure” STEM games and projects.


Teaching the next generation to strive for opportunities to increase their interest in STEM education, careers, and fields research will manifest the next innovative future leaders of the world.

We encourage the next generation to go after their dreams.

All SPARK STEM 365 programming of STEM exhibits, workshops, bootcamps, and hackathons students K-12th compete for the opportunity to win executive level mentorships, career coaching, and STEM field scholarships to drive their ambition toward a career decision in STEM education, careers, and fields during the National Engineering Week every year.

We strive to promote girls and young women STEM education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics careers and fields in North America schools, at their homes, and in underserved communities across cultures.

Book a SPARK STEM exhibit, workshop, bootcamp, or hackathon in a school or community near you. We welcome the opportunity to enhance your event with a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics onsite Laboratory.

For more details email us at and a SPARK STEM Crew member will contact you within 72 hours for potential scheduling.

What we provide?


Who we are?

Professional Women in STEAM education, careers, and fields with over 100 years of experience teaching STEM educational studies, performing discovery research and analysis in corporate America and promoting new in career opportunities to K-College students, young women, and underserved youth interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics education, careers and fields. We partner in STEM education with companies: Coca Cola, Publix, Disney, NFL PLay 360, and in underrepresented community across cultures with leaders, teachers and other 501c3 nonprofits in North America.