On a mission

inspiration - hidden figuers movieOur Professional Women in STEM Network (PWS Network) is on a mission to build the largest database of professional women in STEM education, careers, and fields globally. At 800+ active members in global communities across cultures, we have learned “Why we are here?” Some call it our divine purpose to make a tremendous impact on lives of young girls and women who need the extra support during pursuit of a higher education ambition, diving into entrepreneurship, or becoming a change agent in STEM education, careers, and fields around the world.

Through PWS Network continued education and research we have determined, we are on the right track toward a full speed ahead approach toward building a 1 million Professional Women in STEM Network in 10 years, starting with the foundation of the intellectual property of a Data Scientist creation of a team of 75 professional women in STEM 4 years ago. Today the network is 800+ Professional Women in STEM we call teachers on a mission to teach, coach and mentor girls and women through our experiences and expertise to work, stay, learn, and play in the world of STEM education, careers and fields.

Become a member toward impacting the statistics of girls and women in STEM!

Photo Credit: Hidden Figures Movie

On a mission

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National STEM Society Inc

National STEM Society To foster an inclusive approach toward underrepresented youth to cultivate their interest in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). A nonprofit resource to educate, discover, explore and research Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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