FALL 2020 & SPRING 2021 Registration is open!

In response to COVID-19 operational procedures we have opened both registration seasons as a  immediate response to the present pandemic in order to proceed programming activities with extreme caution, safety, and sensitivity for all event/program activity organizers, volunteers, sponsors, participants, parents, and community support groups involved in SPARK STEM 365 programming. Follow Endgame Sports!


CDC Coronavirus Guidelines
Health officials continue to promote the precautions and procedures most of us practice during the flu season every year:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (use available hand sanitizer);
  • Avoid touching your face;
  • Cover your cough;
  • Stay home when you are sick.

The Center for Disease Control has created an informative facts sheet:


ENDGAME REQUIREMENTS: Participant photo, Recent report card, Sports physical with listed preexisting conditions or allergies, and practice t-shirt size.

We provide participation insurance for all student athletes and administrators.

Your Youth Athlete safety is our top priority!

ENDGAME SAFETY FIRST PRECAUTIONS: Play60 Drill Camps (KINGDOM) will begin June 8th following NAAC local universities practice schedule as a template of reference for summer activities during COVID-19. Social distancing, safety procedures, kits (to include medical grade thermometer) for testing temperature for all participants prior participation each day), and a health, wellness, & nutrition volunteer person and equipment will be onsite at all times. Towels, ice and a designated covered rest area stocked with sponsored health cot, safety supplies and materials will be available.

Forward Progress

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