To learn more about the WISe (Women In STEM emerge) programming in action or to volunteer, partner, and request the SPARK STEM CREW fun learn-n-play laboratory for a underserved community near you contact us at sparkstem365@nationalstemsociety.org. NOTE: We are currently serving Metro Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities due to COVID-19 impact in our crew localContinue reading LOVING ATLANTA UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES

Students vs. Science

Reported from http://www.streamconnect.org “The National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) in a report released two years ago said: “Teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are discovering that by adding an “A”—the arts—to STEM, learning will pick up STEAM. Students remember science learning situations that contain multi-sensory, hands-on activities or experiments.” which the arts canContinue reading Students vs. Science