NFL Play60 – ENDGAME – Register Today!

FALL 2020 & SPRING 2021 Registration is open!

In response to COVID-19 operational procedures we have opened both registration seasons as a  immediate response to the present pandemic in order to proceed programming activities with extreme caution, safety, and sensitivity for all event/program activity organizers, volunteers, sponsors, participants, parents, and community support groups involved in SPARK STEM 365 programming. Follow Endgame Sports!

ENDGAME REQUIREMENTS: Participant photo, Recent report card, Sports physical with listed preexisting conditions or allergies, and practice t-shirt size.

We provide participation insurance for all student athletes and administrators.

Your Youth Athlete safety is our top priority!

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Play60 Drill Camps (KINGDOM) will begin June 8th following NAAC local universities practice schedule as a template of reference for summer activities during COVID-19. Social distancing, safety procedures, kits (to include medical grade thermometer) for testing temperature for all participants prior participation each day), and a health, wellness, & nutrition volunteer person and equipment will be onsite at all times. Towels, ice and a designated covered rest area stocked with sponsored health cot, safety supplies and materials will be available.

Forward Progress

Did you know? June is a celebration of equality+respect+pride for all mankind!

Show your neighbor equality is a beautiful thing in the eyes of GOD. Everyone does not have to agree but we all can choose to be kind, loving, and respectful of each other.

Celebrate the progress for respect and equality for all mankind. Let GOD do the judging. Don’t let your pride still your blessings today, tomorrow, or in your future. #CelebrateAll


What’s your Endgame after COVID-19?

SPARK STEM ENDGAME developed by kids4kids! Let’s get moving – click on the video below to learn more or to register your student for an active summer of fun learn-n-play activities toward keeping kids safe, active, and off the streets.

Promoting an active lifestyle off the streets for grades Pre-k to high school.


YAY! “Your Athletic Youth” Endgame Training Camp June 2020  – July 2020





We are the ENDGAME to STEM education, life skills, and enrichment!

About SPARK STEM 365

Are you ready to get involved?

Click on the Paypal Giving Fund image above to visit our page to support the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365 mission, goals and purpose to change the lives of one family, one student, and one community across cultures at a time 365 days a year with innovative STEM education and enrichment programming, tools, and resources.

SPARK STEM 365 needs your help to make a tremendous impact in communities across cultures in our nation. We strive to build a team of dedicated volunteers and working staff to impact the world of STEM education enrichment and research in areas of community, family and student exposure to AI, Robotics and STEM enrichment fun health and wellness initiatives to begin again in FALL 2020 with sponsoring partnerships in the area of mind – matter – movement activities for kids and adults alike.

SPARK STEM ENDGAME programming starts September 2020.

THE ENDGAME: MIND – MATTER – MOVEMENT: From D 1 to WE 1 Kingdom Leadership, Mission, and Purpose at the NEXT LEVEL by kids4kids 365. YAY! Your Athletic Youth!

Registration is open! For grades Pre-K to High School. Register Today!


SPARK STEM ENDGAME – a multi-sports operation ran by kids for kids with support from next level contributors from all walks of life after COVID-19 FALL 2020. We have built a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are eager to implement and support a proven impact program concept created by the National STEM Society to change kids, families, and communities “new normal” lives toward a healthier mindset and well-being to include positive reinforcements, proactive communications and continuous engagements and volunteer training.


All volunteers must complete a criminal background check, obtain CPR certification and participate in 40 hours of training in child and organizational safety and well-being of programming participants, themselves, and in the programs and services we offers.


The National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365 has a zero tolerance policy for child cruelty of any kind verbal, physical or virtual. We mandate a safety first environment for all participants, volunteers, and staff.

Thank you for your time, consideration to volunteer, and donation. If you have any questions please contact us or email the SPARK STEM CREW at for more information.


Nutrition & Wellness is extremely important to the leadership team of the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365. We value nutritional snacks and meals education and options by incorporating food science, nutrition and wellness packs as a top priority in all programming for kids, family and community knowledge growth in the area of biology, food science, health and wellness targeted for healthier families, eating habits, and future generations to come. Diabetes, hypertension and heart disease has saturated community across cultures. As a opportunity to reconcile in the communities we live we strive to build the #1 Nutrition and Wellness Mobile resource, tool-kits and health educational awareness for kids, families and in communities across cultures.

Today is Giving Tuesday in Georgia!


Thank you to everyone who supported the National STEM Society dba SPARK STEM 365 brand today with your donations, contributions, tech equipment, and continued support toward our mission, purpose, and vision to support level the playing field for more youth, girls, and women interest in STEM education, careers, and fields 365 days a year.GA Giving Tuesday

Happy National Teachers Appreciation Week!

Teachers, YOU make ALL professions possible!

National Teachers Appreciation Week

Click on the apple pin image for your Teachers Appreciation pin! Shout your school and grade you teach and we will mail you an appreciation Teachers Make All Other Profession Possible pin. We salute and celebrate educators this week during National Teachers Appreciation Week May 4th – May 8th.

Students you may do the same and shout out your favorite teacher by clicking here and provide their email address for there pin to be mailed to them.

Teachers – Thank you for all you do!



Did you know, there are real-life GI JOES?


Lt. Decocq (we call him De-CoCo) is not only a leader in his community but a fine impression of a real-life GI JOE soldier in his SWAT uniform. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of all the gear he was sporting and his playful attitude that he showed us and his team.

Lt. Decoco is SWAT Finest in Action!GIJOE 3

Lt. Decocq has a heart of gold. As we interviewed him he accepted all questions and shared his 24 years experience as a police officer, captain, lieutenant, and leader on SWAT. He mentioned he is one of many on his team who are state and nationally certified to handle various escalated situations with a calm and proactive verbal demeanor before ever considering de-escalating a situation by force.

As we continued our fascinating dialog with Lt. Decocq, he asked us all, “what do we think is the deadliest weapon on him?” Of course, looking at him in person with all his gear on while being caught up in the moment of his calm, charming, and playful demeanor – we all stated your guns. He immediately said: “No” and lifted his right-hand index finger to his mouth and said: “My mouth is my deadliest weapon on me“. At that point, I think we all melted like a bar of chocolate outside on a sunny day listening to him explain why his mouth is his deadliest weapon.

We were grateful to have met Lt. Decocq, Corporal Evelyn and there engaging team including Caption Clement, the local fire department personnel, andBorn2Serve 042520 2 UPS workers at the first Born2Serve First Responders Social Distancing BBQ to include the SPARK STEM 365The Cooler Mixer plant-based Fruity & Vege treats offered as a delicious way to serve the ones on the front lines, sidelines, and behind the lines in our communities 365 days a year that support keeping people safe in a country plagued by the Coronavirus mayhem around the nation.

WE SOLUTE YOU FIRST RESPONDERS! For all your hard work and dedication toward keeping America safe.